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Power Tools in Nashville

No do-it-yourself project is complete without the proper power tools in Nashville. Find the power tools and hand tools for a job well done at Vista Home & Garden Supply. Discover the tools you need at prices you can afford at our locally owned hardware store.
For items that you only use on occasion, rely on us for tool rental.

From hammers to electric drills, our hardware store has been supplying quality power and hand tools to customers from Nashville, Henderson, and Brentwood, Tennessee for more than 57 years. If that new sander is your first purchase at our store, take 5 percent off the price.

Table Saw

Power Tools Make DIY Projects Easy

Someone invented power tools to make your life easier. The quickness and convenience of using a power screwdriver—instead of manually inserting all those screws—reduces the time and effort of your home improvement project. This allows you to cross one more item off of your to-do list.

We offer you a wide array of tools, powered by electricity, batteries, or air. Feel free to ask the advice of one of our knowledgeable sales associates. Let us help you choose the type and brand of power tool that improves the quality and efficiency of your work.

You receive selection and service from our local hardware store, as well as affordable prices. We price our tools competitively so you can get the tools, supplies, and advice you need in one convenient location. 

Hand Tools for Projects Large & Small

Everyone in your family needs quality tools for little household fixes or projects. Your spouse, as well as your teenaged son or daughter, requires a basic set of hand tools for simple repairs or hobbies. Whether you are fixing a screen door or putting an addition on your house, there are certain basic tools that are essential.

Request our help in putting together a basic tool kit for your spouse. We recommend that this kit include a screwdriver, hammer, measuring tape, and a set of pliers. A utility knife is a useful tool, as is a set of adjustable wrenches. These basics allow you to have tools on hand for the occasional fix or repair.

If you use tools frequently for home improvement projects, our sales associate can show you heavy-duty tools of professional grade. These sturdier models cost a little more, but their strength and durability will serve you reliably for many years.

Contact us today for affordably priced tools for your home improvement project. Our local hardware store proudly serves Nashville, Henderson, and Brentwood, Tennessee.

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