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1234 Main Street, Nashville, TN 37222

Lawn & Garden Store in Nashville

Transform your property into a blossom of healthy growth and color with products from our lawn and garden store in Nashville. Trust in Vista Home & Garden Supply for the seeds, fertilizer, equipment, and advice to grow green grass, sweet flowers, and tasty vegetables. Make one stop at our hardware store to buy all that you need.

With a little help from our lawn and garden store, homeowners in Nashville, Henderson, and Brentwood, Tennessee, have been making their gardens grow. We also provide plumbing, HVAC, electrical, and painting supplies to help our customers maintain their homes. Shop our huge inventory for plentiful selection at competitive prices.

Sound Advice from Our Lawn & Garden Store Associates

Count on the sales associates at our lawn store to help you make the best choices about your yard and garden. When you need advice in selecting the flowers that will thrive on the sunny side of your yard, request our assistance.

We have a staff of well-informed and experienced professionals who possess both plant and product knowledge.

At our garden store, we do much more than sell you products. Let our sales associates provide you with useful and practical advice so your grass and plants thrive. Ask us about the benefits of fertilizer or which type of zucchini will grow best in your yard.

Make Your Grass Greener with Help from Our Lawn Store

How can you get your grass to grow greener, thicker, and healthier on your side of the fence? With advice and products from our local lawn store. Find a varied selection of different types of grass, and ask for help in deciding which is best for your yard. The soil, moisture, sun, and shade all play important roles in the successful growth of grass.

Green Grass

Do not forget about the fertilizer, as well as the weed and bug killers, for a strong and healthy lawn. Our sales associates can help you stock up on all the right products at affordable prices.

In addition, you can find the equipment you require to maintain a beautiful lawn. We have everything from lawn mowers to weed trimmers to leaf blowers. Save 5 percent on your first purchase with us.

Competitive Pricing at Our Garden Store

Come to our garden store for flowers and vegetables that are the envy of the neighborhood. Our sales associates give you sound advice on planting and help you locate seeds, fertilizer, and tools to ensure lush growth. We carry proven brand names at competitive prices.

Contact us today to find great selection of supplies at affordable prices for your lawn and garden. Our local hardware store proudly serves Nashville, Henderson, and Brentwood, Tennessee.

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